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How it works

Platform to serve your customers from initial contact to follow ups over chat

live chat window
Live Chat
Talk to your customers over interactive live session
  • Instantly setup Live chat or Facebook chat under a minute
  • Support for multiple channels including Text messaging and Voice redirection
  • Call to action based on visitor navigation and behavior
  • Custom look and feel, Offline hours and many more features

Intelligent Bots
Your agent's assistant to handle variety of customer acquisition or service tasks.
  • Follow your business knowledge and rules.
  • Run campaigns with connected users.
  • API Integration services
  • Responses based on Natural Language and Sentiment analysis.
Main Dashboard

Agent Dashboard
Understand your customers better and serve them on multiple channels
Main Dashboard Manage Channels Integrations Team Members Chatbox Settings

Deep Dive

Learn more about offerings and how it could help your industry!

Learn about Messaging Solutions

How Chatbots Can Help to Reduce Fake News

Fake news has been around for decades, but the last couple of years it has become very prevalent. The rise of social media spreading fake new reports has put it at the forefront of campaigns...

Aru Anavekar
Aru Anavekar
Feb 06 2017

Reaching to millennial in Social Media era

News media consumption is particularly different for Millennial generation. Here, we discuss how the audience is different and possible solutions to keep them informed and engaged.

Aru Anavekar
Aru Anavekar
Dec 20 2016

Boost appointments from Social, Messaging and Voice services

Social media and messaging services are prevalent in society than ever. Most consumers are hooked and reaching to them on their preferred service is important and could be a differentiating factor.

Ramu Pulipati
Ramu Pulipati
Dec 20 2016

Digital channels to share News & Media with customers

Demographics for news media consumptions is constantly changing. We look at the different channels available to reach customers such as chatbots, social media platforms, and phone apps.

Aru Anavekar
Aru Anavekar
Dec 15 2016