Conversational Platform

Interact with your customers from different channels at one place on botsplash platform


Connect & Engage

  • Real-time engagement with your Customers
  • Serve your Customer from their choice of tools
  • Integrate Chat into your business process flow
  • Stay on top of Customer conversations


Live Chat

web chat, SMS and facebook
Instantly setup Live chat, 2-way SMS, Facebook Messenger and Voice calls. Talk to your Customer across the channels.


Chat response
Respond to customers from Agent Dashboard or Email or SMS. botsplash will escalate engagements to suit your preferences.


Automated chat and Business process workflow
Automate Business Process Workflow and frequently asked questions. Engage with Customers over chat on-demand.


live chat window
Designed for Enterprise businesses. Integrate with your Company Network and Business Systems using our Integration framework.


Support for popular CRMs, Platforms and Custom Integrations

Velocify Velocify
Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365
LendingTree LendingTree
Salesforce Salesforce
WordPress WordPress

Mobile Apps

Take conversations on the go with the apps ...

Communication Platforms

Choose platform providers needed for your business on-demand ...

Bandwidth Bandwidth
Nexmo Nexmo
Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger
Slack Slack
Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa



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