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Share content and stay engaged with your customers

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We enable
Your presence on Chat platforms

We engineered right business tools and offering as "software as a solution" for your customers to stay informed and engaged with your digital content.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger
Slack Messaging
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
About News Media Bot
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News Media & Publishing Features

Designed for ease of use. Automated to get out of your way.

FeatureStandardPremiumMedia Use
Curated Content
Popular ArticlesCNN, USA Today
Content GroupingWashington Post
Events Information
Automated CurationCNN, USA Today
Daily NotificfationsFox News, Huff Post
Subscribe/Unsubscribe of NotificationsWSJ
Personlized Notifications ScheduleWSJ, Guardian
Articles SearchCNN, Gaurdian
Capture Tips, Feedback and PhotosBusiness Insider
Take Print Subscription Orders
Messenger Platform
Native UI Menu and DialogsCNN, Bloomberg
Web To Messenger leadCNN
Amazon Alexa
Ask #yourcompany for News and EventsWSJ, Bloomberg
Read Morning News
Slack Messaging
Search News and Events
Daily News SummaryCNN
Metrics & Monitoring
Activity Reports and Analytics
Demographics and Conversions
Web Dashboard
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Web dashboard

Real time Analytics  &  Administration dashboard to enhance and monitor your customers engagement.

Reputation Bot Analaytics Reputation Bot Conversations About Reputation Bot Reputation Bot Help
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Major News Media Initiatives in 2016

Over 40,000 chatbots have been released since April 2016 with rapid adaption by major news media:

CNN, WSJ, Business Insider, Venture Beat, Verge, Washington Post, People Magazine, Fox News, Huffington Post, Whitehouse, Bloomberg, Weather Channel, Guardian News, USA Today
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