Let your customers book time from Facebook & Alexa

Appointments from Chat platforms

We engineered right business tools and offering as "software as a solution" for your customers to stay informed and engaged with your digital content.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger
Slack Messaging
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
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Appointment & Scheduling Features

Designed for ease of use. Automated to get out of your way.

Book Appointments
Book Locations, Staffers or Events
Reminder Notifications
Review, Change or Cancel Appointments
Feedback, Follow ups and Photos
Accept Payments
Customer Profile Matching
Messenger Platform
Native UI Menu and Dialogs
1 Step Appointment
Web To Messenger lead
Amazon Alexa
Ask #yourbusiness to book appointments
Reminder Notifications
Slack Messaging
Native UI Booking
Reminder Notifications
Metrics & Monitoring
Activity Reports and Analytics
Demographics and Conversions
Web Dashboard
TimeTap® Administration ( signup here )
Single Location & Staffer
Multiple Locations or Staffers ( see pricing )

Web dashboard

Real time   Analytics  &  Administration   dashboard to enhance and monitor your customers engagement.

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Why Self Scheduling?

Self scheduling provides a number of benefits but these are somethings we like about it

Turn missed calls into booked Appointments. You deserve it.
-- From
Reminds my customers in a timely manner, so they will show up and be on-time. Saves me time, resources & money.
-- A botsplash user
Average smart phone user spends more time on messaging apps, chatbots enable you to enagage them.
-- Chatbot Magazine

About Messaging for Appointments

Boost appointments from Social, Messaging and Voice services

Social media and messaging services are prevalent in society than ever. Most consumers are hooked and reaching to them on their preferred service is important and could be a differentiating factor.

Ramu Pulipati
Ramu Pulipati

Reaching to millennial in Social Media era

News media consumption is particularly different for Millennial generation. Here, we discuss how the audience is different and possible solutions to keep them informed and engaged.

Aru Anavekar
Aru Anavekar

Review of current Chat platforms providers

With the increasing craze of social media among netizens, the development of chatbots has been on the fly as well.

Ramu Pulipati
Ramu Pulipati

What are chatbots and how do they work?

Chatbots are smart and intelligent programs that can live as a standalone app or inside an app like Skype, Facebook messenger, etc.

Ramu Pulipati
Ramu Pulipati

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