How it works

how it works
Transform Your Business Operations and Consumer Engagement,
One digital conversation at a time!

Live Chat

live chat window
Chat with your customers in real time
  • Instantly setup Live chat or Facebook chat
  • Support for multiple channels including Text messaging and Voice mail
  • Automated responses while you are away
  • Custom look and feel, Integrations and many more features

Intelligent Bots

Your agent's assistant to handle variety of customer acquisition or service tasks.
  • Follow your business knowledge and rules.
  • Run campaigns with connected users.
  • API Integration services
  • Responses based on Natural Language and Sentiment analysis.
Main Dashboard

Agent Dashboard

Main Dashboard
Consolidated view of Customers and Engagement
  • Communicate with Customers across Channels.
  • Setup new Channels and Campaigns on demand
  • Administer your team members and team assignment.
  • Administer your team members and team assignment.

Deep Dive

Learn more about offerings and how it could help your industry!