Short Url

URL shorteners, such as and tinyurl, are services that transform longer URLs (which can be over a hundred characters long) into manageable links that usually don't exceed 20 characters. Though URL shorteners are not new and have been around since 2002, their popularity increased because of the limited character length tweet allowed on Twitter. These URL shorteners are good for web culture as well as for the growth of the Internet. They not only make the links more manageable but also help in tracking and compiling click data. Now produce more targeted content and better products with shorter URLs.

Use cases

  • Brand recognition with unique short urls
  • Spend unique campaigns/promotions to your customers
  • Track the campaign performance and metrics such as visitor clicks.
  • Retarget the customers that are engaging with your business
  • Reuse the short urls brand across multiple campaigns


  • Make the links more manageable
  • Higher Click-Through Rate
  • Can easily transform to Social Media Services
  • Promote Sharing
  • Provide Users with useful features
  • Helps Track the performance