Screen share is a powerful tool which is applicable in various business occasions such as online meetings, web conferencing, web presentations, online training and remote support. Screen share allows sharing your screen remotely live over the web with another user . It plays a vital role in the advancement of telecommuting and virtual collaboration systems. In a time of globalization, businesses and services take place anytime and anywhere; screen sharing tools hep you with just that at little or no cost.

Use cases

  • Work on a document side-by-side, while not actually being physically side-by-side.
  • Hand off control of their desktop to whoever is on the other end of the meeting
  • Utilize screen sharing to offer training programs with customers
  • Demonstrate your products to potential customers
  • Control your presentation in an online meeting directly on the desktop of attendees.


  • Enhance Online Meetings
  • In-Depth Product Demonstrations
  • Remote Training and Guidance
  • Maintain Control of Remote Machines
  • Team Collaboration and Remote Work