Notifications help you reach a subscriber on his desktop or mobile, even when he is not browsing your website. They basically help you to cut through the digital noise and engage with your audience on a real-time basis. Notifications help increase conversion rates because they not only notify the customers but also create a sense of urgency. Now send your users informative messages through notifications and offer instant purchasing with a single tap.

Use cases

  • Turn inactive users into active users by sending thoughtful reminders
  • Offer the users instant purchasing with a single tap
  • Send your users information about special discounts or limited-time offers
  • Alert the users if they leave the store with an item still in their cart
  • Target relevant users with high level of location specific deals/offers


  • Stimulate User Engagement
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Target the Right Users
  • Track Actionable Metrics
  • Enhance Brand Strategy
  • Reduce Efforts to make customers perform the required action