Geo Location

Geolocation has helped almost all the industries improve their efficiency. Most commonly used in marketing for geofencing, Geolocation targets clients who enter a certain location or area. As a result, when any client is recognized near the business location, the Geolocation apps send them special offers, discount coupons, or other promotional information. In other words, Geolocation play a crucial role in converting foot traffic and online traffic into new customers Now avail the benefits of Geolocation and connect with people who are only within walking distance of your products or service.

Use cases

  • Identify your most loyal customers with the help of check-ins
  • Do location based marketing to convert foot traffic and online traffic into new customers
  • Add a buzz to your business by targeting location specific groups on social media
  • Remove barriers to sales with location based marketing
  • Even out these ‘bumps’ in trade by attracting more customers at the otherwise low season
  • Focus on your marketing efforts to get hit and dominate the local market.
  • Fill in your business pages on a number of location-based services to appear high on the Search Engines
  • Collate information of current location and delivery times to share more realistic schedules with the clients.


  • Greater Visibility & Brand Awareness
  • Opportunity to Establish Better Connections
  • Tracking Facility helps get more customers onboard
  • Convert Impulses into Sales
  • Free/Low cost yet Highly Targeted
  • Helps improve your Search Engine Rankings
  • Measure your results