Successfully conducted second Charlotte Bots & AI meetup with focus on Machine learning, data analytics and streaming.

Meetup goals

  • Platforms and players in this domain
  • Business and consumer application use cases. Review popular apps.
  • Upcoming conferences and hackathons focused on AI & chatbots
  • Other topics by the group

Discussions conducted

  • Introductory
    • Goal and mission statement for the group
    • Overview of Bots & AI and current status in the industry
    • Use cases and analytics to understand customer behavior
  • Machine Learning specialization
    • Impact of the data analysis and monetization
    • Interview tips and presentation techniques for data science
    • Microsoft AzureML
  • Upcoming hackathons
    • in Austin on Sept 28th and 29th (botsplash is attending)
    • Red ventures hackathon next weekend (registration closed as of 08/31)
    • Amazon and IBM hackatons scheduled
  • Next meetup goals
    • Colloboration effort with Davidson Machine Learning group
    • Work with Davidson ML group to have guest speakers
    • As Max suggested, Hack a drone to follow on