Articles by Ramu Pulipati

4 Must have security audits

Ramu Pulipati • May 14, 2019

Security is the most important part for any technology and often times does not get enough attention, causing catastrophic damages to your business, platform or clientele data. With the availability...

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How we evolved CI and CD

Ramu Pulipati • Jan 14, 2019

At Botsplash, we follow lean development model using agile methodology. One of the key component of Agile model is the ability to build and deliver improvements fast, iteratively with compliance...

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Ramu Pulipati • Aug 12, 2016

On behalf of botsplash, I’ll be attending talkabot conference in Austin, TX from September 27th to 29th. If you would be interested to greet or discuss ideas, drop me a...

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First Charlotte Bots & AI Meetup

Ramu Pulipati • Jul 25, 2016

Launched Charlotte Bots & AI meetup to share and learn the principles of building Chatbots and AI based applications. Meetup goals Review chatbots use cases, industry and platform tools...

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Bot command pages launched

Ramu Pulipati • Jun 22, 2016

Automated command pages are now enabled for the bot pages. Command pages assist users with list of bot capabilities and screenshots. Also, pages have comments capability to capture feedback and...

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Ramu Pulipati • Jun 09, 2016

botsplash website launched with product overview, released bots, roadmap and blogs. Content include: Product overview and glance of products at once Resilient platform with improved user experience Responsive design web...

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Location aware bots

Ramu Pulipati • Jun 07, 2016

Facebook messenger supports sharing location with the bot but that is not be sufficient to build an effective experience. In this article, we review about integrating the location with google...

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Reputation Bot is Live

Ramu Pulipati • May 26, 2016

Consumer business ratings are hard to capture before being submitted to review site, which stays permanently damaging the business reputation. Reputation bot addresses this problem by providing a single channel...

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Mortgage Bot is Live

Ramu Pulipati • May 18, 2016

Our first demo chatbot is LIVE! Mortgage bot helps to find home mortgage quotes, interest rate charts and helpful tips needed when buying a home. To begin with, Bot quickly...

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