Articles by Aru Anavekar

Facebook — Ditch the LandingPage

Aru Anavekar • May 28, 2019

Omnichannel, Multi-channel engagements, Marketing Automation Platform(MAP) are the hottest and most popular digital marketing/growth hacking strategies. Having a digital presence in different digital channels, social platforms is great for consumer...

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Messaging makes sense

Aru Anavekar • Feb 27, 2019

“Messaging” may be a synonym to Text Message(SMS), but today it has evolved to many other messaging/chat platforms. Why is messaging or chatting convenient for customers? What challenges do Enterprises...

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LendingTree integration on Botsplash

Aru Anavekar • Jan 21, 2019

Botsplash platform is now integrated with LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE), the nation’s leading online loan marketplace. Botsplash is an omnichannel conversation platform for enterprises. Lenders on Botsplash can use this integration...

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Are you where your customers are?

Aru Anavekar • Nov 15, 2017

How do you connect with your customers? One way is you drive the customers to you with breadcrumbs and trails. Traditionally these include promotional snail-mail, print media, digital advertising, re-targeted...

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